Collagen sustains any and each part of our body, participating in all its physiological functions. Within the skin and osteoarticular system, it is the absolute component, but we can find it also in other partes of the body and biological secretions. Collagen accounts for 25-35 % of the total body proteins, corresponding to about 8-10% of body weight.

However, we know that it is constantly loss through hair, nails, skin, bone remodelling and various secretions: according to reliable data, in adults collagen loss accounts for more than 10g.

"Collagen sustains any and each part of our body, participating in all its physiological functions"

Lack of collagen disease is now recognised as a pathology and it results from an imbalance between the lost collagen and reintegrated one, in favor of the first. Physiological factors further contribute to this imbalance. Examples are menopause and pregnancy.

The typical hormonal variations occurring during menopause and pregnancy really have to be considered the boundaries between physiology and pathology: they can also cause skin athrophy and fragility of its annexes (hair and nails); in addition they may cause vaginal dryness and athrophy and a pathological reduction of Bone Mineral Density (BMD).

The most effective remedies range from dietary changes, increasing vitamins and minerals intake, to a proper physical activity.

In the most severe cases, the use of drug treatment based on estrogen/progestogen therapy.

Reintegrating collagen in these circumstances becomes a MUST DO.

More importantly, we can not ensure a proper intake of just with the diet, because the food collagen it is poorly absorbed by our body.

"...Collagen supplementation can be considered as a border approach between pharmacology and nutrition..."

Hydrolyzed collagen, in a readily assimilated form, becomes a functional dietary supplement to deal with the physiological changes typical of stages of our lives.

20 sachets of 7.2g

It is a food supplement with a formula based on partially hydrolyzed collagen, zinc, selenium and vitamin C.

CHERASANunghie ®
10ml bottle with applicator

It is designed to restore the optimal condition of the nail, thanks to its protective effect.

30 sachets of 9.1g

It is a food supplement specially formulated to safeguard the osteaoarticular functioning.

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