Cherasan cu® unghie

Cherasan unghie is a product containing hydrolysed collagen. It is the result of Italian research.

It has been created to re-establish nail condition, thanks to its protective effect.

The collagen found in Cherasan unghie undergoes a chemical-biological procedure (hydrolysis). The presence of collagen allows nails to grow again after dystrophies, even if caused by onychomycosis.

Thanks to its formulation, it can be used in the following conditions:
- nail dystrophies
- onychomycosis
- weak nails
- onycholysis

Cherasan unghie in onychomycosis
Cherasan unghie is a product that, thanks to its characteristics, can be an effective coadjuvant in treating but above all preventing onychomycosis. It does not, in fact, act as a fungicide or fungistatic, but reproduces the nail’s protection barrier, which limits the possibility for pathogens to adhere to the nail. Thanks to its structural properties, collagen increases nail strength and integrity. If a fully manifest infections occurs, it can be used alongside an antifungal agent, reducing the treatment period and the risk of recurrence.

Hydrolysed fish collagen (gelatin), calcium lactate, ethyl alcohol and purified water.

Doses, administration methods and times
Suitable for frequent and prolonged use. Apply the varnish several times a day over the whole nail surface and leave to dry for a few minutes.