Who we are

We have the ambition to gradually acquire a distinctive market position. We will achieve this goal with both the launch of products with a unique story and the creation of a ‘visible’ culture of leadership of our Human Capital.

Our people are committed every day to ensuring correct information to Physicians, in line with the continuous evolution of our science and in respect of our ethical code.

Be Health is also active in assisting other Companies of Health Italia Group in : formula development, product analysis, market trends, raw material research, safety and effectiveness assessment, technical-regulatory assistance in Italy and abroad, logistics services.

The science of collagen since 1985
  1. The first clinical use of hydrolyzed collagen in hair system disorders
  2. Experimental study proving that hydrolyzed collagen at appropriate doses and for adequate treatment periods induces, in men, an increase in hair growth
  3. The first who thought about using partially hydrolyzed collagen as a food supplement
  4. Hydrolyzed collagen , topically applied as a biological material, can protect the body as a natural barrier, while nourishing the skin
  5. SBM - Science of Biology in Medicine - was created by Prof Silvestrini, a scientist with more than 50 years experience in pharmacological research. A company dedicated to pure research
  6. The discovery by chance (serendipity) of the role of collagen in xerophthalmia
  7. SBM Trading Srl was established with the aim of giving a first commercial outlet to the research conducted by SBM Srl
  8. An absolute innovation: the bone acidostat regulates the harmful peaks of gastric acidity
  9. The discovery of collagen as a controlled delivery system for topical drugs
  10. The Health Italia SpA group acquires 51% of both companies and starts a challenging corporate rorganization process that ends in December 2018 with the merger of SBM Trading into SBM Srl and with the change of the company name in Health Pharma Srl
  11. The scientific community recognizes a new nosographic entity: collagen deficiency disease
  12. Health Pharma is listed in the stock market
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An Italian company
founded on scientific research.