A universal protein

Thanks to 30 years lasting studies on collagen and the pathologies related to its deficiency , we have been among the first to understand the importance of this protein for the human body. Be Health is a leader in the development of collagen-based products, essential adjuvants in the treatment of diseases that affect not only the skin annexes, but above all the osteo-articular system, the digestive system and the enteric system.


Collagen is subject to continuous loss, associated with an equally constant regeneration process. Collagenopathy derives from a prevalence of this first moment over the second.

This unbalance may result into dystrophic and degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and gastric and skin ulcers.


The solution is offered by hydrolyzed collagen, bioavailable, safe and with a documented efficacy through preclinical and clinical studies.

In addition to oral administration, hydrolyzed collagen exerts its biological effects also for topical applications: for example, when applied to skin wounds, it promotes granulation and healing.

Doses for systemic use are in the order of 100 mg / kg / day, in line with the daily loss of this protein. In topical uses, however, the dosage is variable and well below. The treatment takes 1 to 6 months to be effective, depending on the severity of the condition and the affected district.

parallax background

1985. We obtain the first
patent on collagen.