"Il corpo umano è un tempio e come tale va curato e rispettato, sempre"Ippocrate


Health Pharma is an Italian research company that believes in scientific and technological progress. It also focuses on remedies and lifestyles that actively make the organism work to defend its own health, being aware that Man is part of a superior natural system that must be respected and protected. Health Pharma looks to the future and the well-being of humans, the reason why it intends to acquire a marked market position in the supplements, medical devices and dermo-cosmetics market.

We look at the million of years of experiments carried out by nature with respect, and firmly believe in using methods that restore and optimise our bodies’ internal resources. We have inherited a long tradition in scientific research, which we put to use with science, translating it into practical health remedies.

We have conceived a reality comprising new, high-quality products that adapt to our customers’ needs and that are born from the observation and thorough knowledge of Man and physiology. Health Pharma makes use of science, translating it into practical implications, transforming and optimising solid scientific heritage in the production and distribution of remedies coming from research.