Bonartro oa®

It is a food supplement containing partly hydrolyzed collagen. It is the result of Italian research.

Bonartro has been studied to refuel the organism with nutritious elements essential for bones and joints.

Bonartro contains partly hydrolyzed collagen. The collagen in Bonartro has been specifically hydrolyzed to obtain a protein containing molecules of a size suitable for gastrointestinal absorption. Calcium plays a key role in all physiological processes. There is approximately one kilogram of calcium in our body. It is a vital component of a well-balanced diet. One of the clearest signs of calcium deficiency is weakened bones. Vitamin D contributes to absorbing and using calcium and phosphorus, as it is necessary to maintaining normal bones.

It is recommended in physiological conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, which require an increased need for calcium and vitamin D.

Partly hydrolyzed collagen, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin D. (cholecalciferol), mannitol, citric acid anhydrous, aromas (strawberry and lemon), sweeteners (saccharin and aspartame).

Doses, administration methods and times
Dissolve the contents of one sachet into yoghurt or in water, milk or fruit juice. The solution has a pleasant taste. BONARTRO oa must be taken regularly, one sachet a day, preferably in the morning.