Cherasan cu®

Cherasan cu is a food supplement containing partly-hydrolyzed collagen, and is the result of Italian research. Cherasan exploits the important trophic properties of this protein, which have been widely documented and confirmed by widespread use over the years in the dermatological - skin and mucosa tissue - sector. The trophic action of Cherasan's collagen content is due to a targeted hydrolytic process that produces molecules of an optimal size for gastrointestinal absorption.

It is recommended to re-establish the basic physiological conditions of the integumentary system (skin, nails and hair). It has been created as a coadjuvant in conditions where the skin and its annexes, hair and nails are suffering.

Partly hydrolysed collagen, tartaric acid, sucralose, strawberry aroma, lemon aroma.

Doses and recommended usage
Mix the contents of one sachet into yoghurt or in water, milk or fruit juice. The solution has a pleasant taste. Cherasan cu must be taken regularly, one sachet a day, preferably in the morning.