During the phases of development, of each human being, the skin performs the function of external coating of a living organism, but it is also the main mean of communication with the environment around us.

Along with the other structures of the skin apparatus (nails, hair) it protects and preserves the body from various harmful stimuli that come from outside.

"The role of the skin in our body is an important recent rediscovery."

It is essential to protect deeper skin areas, to regulate body temperature, to keep away bad substances.

Originally it was the only way to receive and integrate signals coming from outside. Then, during the evolution, most of these functions have been centralized in the brain, preserving just some of them peripherically.

The most interesting finding is that the skin is a kind of solar panel, which not only collects solar energy, but uses it to produce vitamin D.

Today, in fact, we should use the term hormone, rather than vitamin, since 80% of it is produced in our body through this mechanism.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, covering up to 2 sqm of surface. It is composed by a non-vascularized surface layer, the epidermis, which protects and regulates absorption of nutrients and a deeper one, the hypoderma. These two layers are dense with an intermediate component, the dermis, which is a vascolarized connective tissue very rich in collagen and elastin and which represents the fundamental texture of the entire skin apparatus,essential for many biological activities.

Unfortunately collagen undergoes a constant loss in the body, which leads to malfunctioning. Nails’ cleavage, hair loss, skin athrophy being a clear evidence of it.

"...a vascolarized connective structure very rich of collagen..."

It is important, therefore, to always ensure proper maintenence of the skin structure, providing it with collagen. Peptides and amino acids administered, are then transformed into collagen into the body.

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It is a food supplement with a formula based on partially hydrolyzed collagen, zinc, selenium and vitamin C.

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It is designed to prevent and treat pathophysiological conditions of the skin.

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