Yttiogel ®

Yttiogel is a product containing hydrolysed collagen, that AIDS the epidermis properties by improving hydration and increasing TEXTURE and the strength of the skin's supporting tructure. It is the result of Italian research.

The collagen found in Yttiogel undergoes a chemical-biological PROCESS (hydrolysis).
Yttiogel has been created to prevent and treat physiopathological skin conditions. It has a marked barrier effect, which isolates the skin and protects it from aggressive agents, with its hydrating action.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used in the following conditions:
- Atopical dermatitis
- Redness
- Xerosis (skin dryness)

It can also be used to prevent and treat the initial stages of:
- Dystrophic ulcers
- Eczema
- Radiodermatitis and chemo-dermatitis
- Cracked skin

The effect of collagen on the skin
Dryness, as with the effect on skin density and integrity, is one of the indicators of ageing skin. Yttiogel applied on the skin offers protection, hydration and continuity of the skin's surface.

Hydrolysed fish collagen (gelatin), allantoin, carbomer, glycerine, sodium hydroxide, methylparabene, propylparabene, aqua.

Doses, administration methods and times
Apply one or more times a day. Leave to dry for a few minutes. The residual layer provides lasting protection.
Use the product on ulcers and lesions after cleansing and disinfecting the area. Apply the gel to the edges of the area involved, after cleansing and disinfecting it, without directly applying into the cavity.