The airway epithelium is the first point of communication between the body and inhaled particles, including microorganisms and allergens. The cells are tightly bound to each other through junctions. This is an extraordinary barrier against harmful agents.

The integrity of this barrier is essential because it regulates the delicate local balance so important to limit the entry of potentially harmful substances through inhalation.

"The airways integrity is essential to protect body from external, potentially harmful, particles"

There is evidence that a dysfunction of this biological barrier can contribute to the development of inflammation not just in the airways, but also in skin and GI tract. In the nose the most frequent inflammatory pathology is called rhinitis, which can be often complicated by the nasal sinus inflammation this becoming a rhino-sinusitis.

Therefore, maintaining the integrity of the epithelial barrier, represents a new important goal.

The development of barrier molecules that mimic or protect the integrity of the epithelial barrier it is very useful for the treatment of allergic diseases, especially in patients who are difficult to treat or who do not respond to conventional therapy.

Collagen, the main protein in our body, performs this function like no others. Collagen is a large protein that ensures a correct degree of coating and mechanical protection.

Its biological composition makes it in all respects a biomaterial that, after exerting an active effect on the organism, is degraded into compounds that do not leave harmful waste.

"Collagen, the main protein of our body, works as a barrier against extrenal inhaled agents or particles"
Nasal spray

It is a hydrolyzed collagen-based product that protects and strengthens the nasal mucosa against external agents.

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