“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science” Ralph Waldo Emerson

In its current mission, Health Pharma intends to gain a unique, distinctive position in the supplement, medical device and dermocosmetics market.

Health Pharma develops and sells a line of supplements and medical devices carrying its own brand, using an exclusive network of pharmaceutical representatives who are the main source of information for doctors, specialists and pharmacies.

The pharmaeutical representative network is solid and its impact guarantees that correct, active information keeps up with the constant research and continuous evolving of the products.

Health Pharma is also the exclusive distributor for Dolomitika products that it sells through a B2B line and a B2B2C line. As these are highly technical, high-quality products, given their nature and specificity, the Dolomitika line business model is based on the central role played by suitably trained agents. Health Pharma develops and produces supplements, medical devices and dermocosmetics for third parties, helping in the development of formulas, in product analysis and in market trends in the search for raw materials, in the evaluation of safety and effective use, in providing technical-legislative assistance in Italy and overseas and also in logistics services.

  • 1985

    The science of collagen since 1985

  • 2008

    SBM - Science of Biology in Medicine Srl was founded, a research company. Created from an idea by Professor Silvestrini, this company’s works is closely linked to research in the field of supplements and medical devices

  • 2015

    SBM Trading Srl is created, with the aim of providing an initial commercial outlet for the research carried out by SBM Srl

  • 2017

    The group Health Italia SpA recognises its potential - purchasing 51% of both companies - and starts up a difficult path of company reorganisation which ends in 2018 with the merger of SBM Trading with SBM Srl and with the change of the latter's company name to Health Pharma Srl.

  • 2019

    Health Pharma becomes a public limited company.